Ways that you can prevent sexual harassment in the workplace

Going to work each day at your job in Massachusetts should be empowering and rewarding. While there are a host of factors that play into your ability to have a positive experience at work, one significant influence is the type of people you work with and around each day. At Kajko, Weisman & Colasanti, LLP, we are experienced in helping people who have been the victims of unfair treatment in their workplace.

Any behavior at work perpetrated by another coworker that ultimately leaves you feeling threatened or uncomfortable can be distracting to your ability to focus on your work and be productive in the hours you spend at work. Sexual harassment specifically, can leave you feeling demoralized, fearful and awkward. Your organization should have a written policy about their stance on sexual harassment, as well as which behaviors qualify as inappropriate. This policy should also inform you and others of the consequences that may be experienced if the reported behavior is proven.

As an employee, there are many ways that you can support your organization’s efforts to maintain a workplace free of sexual harassment. According to Integrity HR, one way that you can do this is to immediately report questionable activity of any kind. If you are the victim of harassment, keep a detailed timeline of the offensive behavior to use as evidence in reporting your case. Another important way to support your company’s intolerance for sexual harassment is to be proactive about attending workshops and employee training designed to educate you about the dangers of such behaviors, as well as how to recognize if you are being mistreated.

When you are informed and aware of what sexual harassment is and your company’s stance surrounding mistreatment, you can more effectively avoid questionable behavior, as well as protect your own safety. For more information about reporting mistreatment in the workplace, visit our web page.


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