What a good HR department should do for employees

Unfortunately, employees can be given the impression that they are powerless sometimes. But, this is far from the truth. Workers in Massachusetts have a host of rights at their disposal. They have the right to work in an environment that is free from discrimination, hostility and harassment.

Unfortunately, some inappropriate behaviors can slip through the cracks, and this is where Human Resources (HR) comes in. A good HR department should do the following for its workers;

Vetting new employees

HR plays a vital role in bringing new talent into the business. Not only should they look at skills and experience, but they should also carry out background checks on new recruits. Of course, people who have made mistakes in the past should be given a second chance, but recent instances of harassment from a potential candidate should ring some alarm bells.

Ultimately, HR is responsible for the safety of current employees and bringing in someone with a history of harassment and other types of misconduct could be unsafe.

Disciplinary procedures

There are very few companies that have absolutely no disciplinary problems. If problems arise, then HR is responsible for conducting impartial investigations and recommending disciplinary actions based on their findings.

Implementing policies

There are few positives to come out of harassment cases or other types of misconduct in the workplace. However, these instances do provide an opportunity to learn and implement policies that can help to prevent recurrences in the future. It is the job of HR to implement anti-harassment policies, anti-discrimination policies and much more.

If you’re dealing with a harassment-based issue and HR has failed to take appropriate action, then you may need to start thinking about your legal options. When you do, make sure you have some experienced guidance behind you.


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