What are the different types of construction defects?

Construction defects can greatly diminish both the value and usability of a home, office building or another construction project. As a result, property owners should be familiar with the different types of construction defects and how civil litigation protections can help them when a construction defect has impacted their property. Familiarity with the civil litigation process can also be beneficial for builders to understand as well.

There are generally three categories of construction defects:

  • Design deficiencies
  • Material deficiencies
  • Construction deficiencies

Design deficiencies can occur in the planning phase of the project, such as in the site planning, engineering or architectural planning of the project. Construction deficiencies can occur when the building is being constructed, such as if it is not built in a workmanlike manner. Additionally, materials deficiencies can also occur at various phases of a construction project if defective materials are used.

Specific construction defects can include those related to the structural integrity of the project, such as:

  • Concrete, masonry or carpentry of the project
  • Unstable foundations or expansive soils
  • Mechanical aspects of the project
  • Electrical aspects of the project
  • Water intrusion problems or toxic mold
  • Thermal and moisture protection problems
  • Problems with doors, windows, glass
  • Problems with the finishes

Any of these types of construction defects can be severe.

Civil litigation legal options serve as a resource and remedy for property owners negatively impacted by a construction defect. Different remedies and types of damages are available depending on the situation that property owners should be familiar with when their home or building has a construction defect.


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