What are the different types of distracted driving?

Distracted driving is dangerous and can result in serious car accidents and injuries. No matter what type of distracted driving is involved, a distracted driver may be considered negligent for any car accident they cause and may be responsible for compensating victims for their damages suffered.

Texting while driving has been banned in Massachusetts for ten years, and recently it became illegal to handle any hand-held electronic device while driving. If a distracted driver causes harm, distracted driving violations may be considered evidence of negligence if the victim brings a civil claim for damages against the negligent driver. Victims of a distracted driver and distracted driving-related accident may be able to recover compensation for physical, financial and emotional damages.

Distracted driving can include three forms of driver distraction, such as cognitive distraction, visual distraction and manual distraction.

  • Cognitive distraction refers to activities while driving that remove the driver’s focus from the roadway.
  • Visual distraction refers to activities while driving that remove the driver’s eyes from the roadway.
  • Manual distraction refers to activities while driving that remove the driver’s hands from the steering wheel.

Texting while driving includes all three types of distracted driving. Drivers should avoid the dangers of distracted driving.

Distracted driving behaviors can also include cell phone use, grooming, reading, eating or adjusting a radio or navigation device while driving. A personal injury claim for damages may help victims recover compensation for their damages when a driver has carelessly engaged in distracted driving behaviors and has injured victims as a result.


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