What is the Treasury Offset Program?

When it comes to child support and other aspects of family law, there are many consequences associated with failing to fulfill one’s obligations. Moreover, some people may not realize how certain laws and programs, such as the Treasury Offset Program, can upend their lives if they fall behind on child support or even spousal support duties. Unfortunately, falling behind on these obligations can lead to a series of financial difficulties and other problems that may have a significant impact on one’s life.

The Internal Revenue Service states that the Treasury Offset Program reduces refunds due to overpayment and offsets refunds for those who have fallen behind on child support, spousal support, or other types of financial obligations. This program, which is operated by the Bureau of the Fiscal Service, sends notices to those whose tax refunds are offset because of failure to pay child support or spousal support. For those who do not receive the full amount of their tax refund, additional financial uncertainty and challenges may ensue.

If you have missed child support payments and still have not paid what you owe or are afraid that you will lose the ability to stay current, you should investigate potential solutions to avoid these consequences. Depending on your circumstances, the modification of your child support order could be an option or you might be able to establish a payment plan. Either way, taking action quickly is critical.

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