When health insurance companies shirk obligations: part 2

In a previous post, we discussed how insurance companies sometimes refuse to provide the compensation they promise subscribers. We also mentioned some of the options available for Massachusetts policyholders who feel duped by their health insurance providers. At Kajko, Weisman & Colasanti, LLP., we take contractual obligations seriously and are always willing to discuss how to deal with any possible breach of such.

No matter how large or how wealthy an insurance company becomes, we believe there is still a basic obligation to stay honest. Unfortunately, we see no shortage of clients coming to us with insurance disputes. While many health insurance providers are ethical and thorough with their policies and premiums, some others prey on consumers by offering impossibly low rates– and then constructing elaborate technicalities allowing the company to avoid paying out any benefits.

Even a great insurance company might make mistakes when it comes to approving an expense. Sometimes it is difficult, even for a practiced eye, to determine the level of legitimacy of an insurance company’s practice. Similarly, it might be difficult to decide whether or not your specific case might call for official appeal, civil litigation or some other tactic. Additionally, we often find that the involvement of more parties further complicates these cases:

  • Workplace insurance disputes
  • Personal injury cases involving another person’s insurance company
  • Construction site accidents

We know that insurance companies are prepared to take advantage of any mistake an opponent makes. That’s why we strive to construct an appropriate strategy for each individual case before we advise our clients to initiate any action. Please continue on our main website to learn more.



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