When your son or daughter is going through a divorce

All parents want what’s best for their children and to see their children grow up and be happy. However, with one out of every two marriages ending in divorce, many parents are forced to cope with a grown son’s or daughter’s divorce. While seeing one’s own child in pain is hard enough, it can be almost unbearable when there are grandchildren involved.

As a parent, a son’s or daughter’s divorce is sure to be a difficult time for everyone involved. While it’s in every parent’s DNA to try to solve a child’s problems and make things better, it’s important to give a child some time and space to think things through and sort things out. It’s also important to provide grandchildren with the love, support and stability that they are likely to crave during this time of great.

While every divorce and situation is unique, for parents who have a son or daughter who is going through a divorce, there are some universal do’s and don’ts that are important to keep in mind. For example, while it’s important to be supportive of a son or daughter who is going through a divorce, that doesn’t mean that you should take on his or her problems and feel as though you need to bail a child out financially. Yes, be supportive, but don’t get overly involved in the dirty details of a child’s divorce or feel as though you need to solve his or her problems.

When it comes to divorce and maintaining a relationship with one’s grandchildren, it’s helpful to maintain a sense of balance and normalcy. It’s also extremely important to, at least outwardly, remain supportive of both of a grandchild’s parents and never to badmouth a grandchild’s mom or dad. In cases where a grandparent worries that he or she may lose access to a grandchild after a divorce, an attorney can answer questions and provide advice about possible legal options.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “The do’s and don’ts in your grown kid’s divorce,” Leslie Mann, Feb. 12, 2016


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