Why use mediation for an insurance dispute?

Mediation is a popular way to settle all sorts of legal issues. One area it is commonly used for is insurance disputes. Mediation involves two parties trying to reach an outcome that is satisfactory for both. It has significant advantages over other forms of settling legal issues.

What are the advantages of mediation?

Many divorcing couples choose mediation. It allows them to settle issues such as child custody without making their relationship worse.

Business partners may also use mediation when they have an issue they cannot work out alone. It allows them to resolve the matter without destroying their friendship.

However, if your dispute is with an insurance company, you do not have a personal relationship to protect. Reducing conflict is only one advantage of mediation. Here are some others:

  • Mediation gives you a say in the outcome: When you go to court, you are both at the mercy of the judge. You can hope they favor you, but you have no way of knowing. In mediation, you do not sign until you get an outcome you accept.
  • Mediation saves money: The quicker you can deal with the issue, the less you will need to pay for people’s services or administration fees.
  • Mediation saves energy: When things go to court, you are both trying to win. That creates conflict, which creates stress.
  • Mediation allows you to move on sooner: Both you and the insurance company have better things to do than getting involved in a long, drawn-out battle. The sooner you settle things, the sooner you can move on with life.

Insurance companies operate for profit. Playing difficult may be a tactic designed to frustrate you into giving up our claim. They do not want to go to litigation any more than you. Mediation can work for you both.


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