Your hard work should be enough to succeed

If you are successful in your career, you probably work every day towards making and strengthening positive, professional connections. Sexual harassment has the potential to undermine your credibility as well as directly damage your position, should you fail to comply with demands or tolerate unwanted advances.

At Kajko, Weisman & Colasanti, LLP, we know how competitive the Massachusetts professional landscape is. We believe everyone deserves to succeed on their own virtues and strengths alone — without the cajoling, humiliation, objectification and abuse that characterizes workplace sexual harassment.

We work with each client’s specific circumstances to isolate and identify events and patterns of illegal activity. The unfortunate fact is that many people who contact us do end up having a case. This means that sexual harassment is not only prevalent in our state’s workplaces, but also that the perpetrators often feel emboldened enough by a perception of lax enforcement and insufficient internal company policies to leave a substantial paper trail evidencing their actions.

As more people come forward, we believe that the current attitudes towards harassment will change. In that sense, each case we pursue to a favorable conclusion on behalf of our clients becomes another success in the effort to create a just, equitable workplace. If you believe advancement, pay and other markers of success should depend on professional performance, you could take pride in the fact that your case could be one step further towards that ideal.

Ideals are an excellent guide, but real-world results also matter. Your career could hang in the balance of a sexual harassment case. It is wise to make sure you are as informed as possible before you begin any action, but it is also often essential to act quickly. Please read on our legal website for more information.



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