2 men face charges over back child support

When non-custodial parents cannot pay the child support they owe, life may be challenging in many ways. Aside from sleep loss and significant anxiety, some people in this position may be dealing with financial hardships and depression. Moreover, they may be taken into custody and face steep fines due to falling behind on their child support obligations. In Boston, and cities all over Massachusetts, some who are unable to pay child support may be able to find some relief by modifying their child support order.

Two men in New Hampshire have found themselves in trouble with the law over child support. The men, who were 54 and 45 years old, were recently taken into custody during a drug bust that was carried out in Nashua. The bust, which involved the Federal Bureau of Investigation, focused on people who were believed to have been dealing heroin.

While authorities charged 13 people with drug-related offenses, the two men are facing charges for allegedly failing to make child support payments. The fathers, whose names and addresses have been released to the public, are being held until their arraignment.

Child support problems can affect each of a child’s parents. While custodial parents may have a hard time buying necessities for their children, non-custodial parents may face legal problems. Because of the serious nature of child support issues, it is crucial for those going through this to examine their options closely. For some, talking to a legal professional who has handled a considerable amount of these types of cases could be helpful.

Source: Patch.com, “15 Arrested in Nashua Crime Sweep: ICYMI,” Nov. 13, 2016



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