Authorities looking for mother over alleged custody interference

In a recent post, the topic of custody interference was addressed. For parents in Boston, Massachusetts, and across the nation, it is important to recognize that interfering with a custody order and other types of custody issues can have serious consequences for custodial parents, non-custodial parents and children. In order to reduce the likelihood of serious challenges, parents who are in the middle of a custody battle or any other legal matter involving their children should try to work toward an outcome that is positive for those involved, if possible.

Law enforcement officials in Texas are searching for a mother over allegations that she interfered with the custody of her child. Authorities say that a warrant was issued for the 35-year-old woman’s arrest after she failed to return her son to his other parent.

The boy, who is five years old, was most recently seen at a fast food restaurant in Laredo, the same city that his mother has been living in. Authorities are asking anyone with information to come forward.

Whether a custodial parent is worried about their child’s safety, a non-custodial parent is taken into custody or a child’s life is thrown into turmoil, custody interference can upend lives in many ways. As a result, it is critical for anyone who is struggling with this or any other legal issues related to custody to address the situation at once. Sometimes, making sense of family law can seem challenging, which is why many parents have turned to a knowledgeable attorney for help.

Source: Laredo Morning Times, “LPD: Woman wanted for interfering with child custody,” Cesar G. Rodriguez, Dec. 1, 2016




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