3 ways divorce can take a toll on your body

We often discuss the financial and emotional tolls that divorce — or any family legal battle — can take on a person. Between the complexities of the legal system and incredible strain that comes with such an important life event, a person often walks away from a divorce with scars and emotional injuries that need time to heal.

Unfortunately, divorce can also take a physical toll on a person’s well-being. In very real and measurable ways, divorce can affect our bodies, which can only make the recovery process that much more difficult. As noted in this Self Magazine article, there are numerous ways our bodies can suffer during divorce.

  1. Anxiety and depression levels can increase. These conditions can make it incredibly difficult to manage your health care. You might resort to some harmful habits, neglect your health and or pull away from daily interactions and obligations. All of these things can do serious damage to your physical well-being.
  2. You can have difficulty sleeping. Getting adequate rest is absolutely necessary in maintaining your health. Without sufficient rest, the body can respond by increasing blood pressure. Your decision-making skills and emotions can also become erratic, and biological healing can suffer when you do not get enough sleep.
  3. Divorce can hurt your heart. While you may feel heartbroken after divorce, your heart can actually feel the pain. At least one study has made a connection between divorce and an increased risk of heart attacks and cardiovascular disease, particularly in women.

Considering the various ways your health can be compromised during divorce, it can be crucial that you make an effort to take care of yourself. Eating right, exercising and minimizing stress wherever possible can all be ways to protect your health. Getting a massage, meditation, taking a  short vacation and other ways to relax and get your mind off a divorce can also help.

It can also be wise to seek help and guidance as you navigate the divorce process. Leaning on the help of professionals like your attorney and the support of your loved ones may feel uncomfortable at first, but it can ultimately save you (and your body) from some of the pain associated with divorce.



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