Amateur divorce attempt leads to bigamy charges

Boston readers may take interest in the story of a man who was accused of bigamy after his first wife discovered the man had married a second woman. The woman found out while perusing Facebook, when the social network’s ‘people you may know’ suggestions showed the profile picture of the second wife standing next to the woman’s husband and a wedding cake.

Shocked by the revelation, the woman alerted authorities of her suspicions. The man confessed, and was charged with a misdemeanor and will serve one year of probation. He also has to annul his second marriage until he can divorce his first wife.

The man’s attorney stated that the man had tried to get a divorce from his first wife, but failed to follow through with the paperwork. The man’s first wife seems forgiving, and the man’s second wife seems to be supportive of him despite his mistake, but he will still have to face the fallout of his alleged oversight. The man also faces an uncertain employment future because of his actions. He is currently on unpaid leave from his job at the county jail, and his employer has launched an internal investigation into the matter to determine whether or not he will be able to return to his work. There is no doubt that this situation could have been avoided had he taken the time and care to have his divorce processed correctly through proper legal channels. It may be something many people dread doing, but finalizing a divorce is certainly more than a mere formality, as this unfortunate man surely now knows. Although this story took place in Washington State, overlooking details during divorce proceedings in any state can lead to serious consequences. Working with an experienced family law attorney can help avoid the types of mistakes that landed the now infamous ‘Facebook bigamist’ between a rock and a hard place.


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