Booty boot camp: Divorce edition

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When many Americans want to drop a few pounds, bulk up or generally jumpstart their fitness routines, they seek out fitness boot camps often referred to as booty boot camps. These programs are designed to work the body in a strenuous enough way that participants can expect to see results within a relatively short timeframe.

We frequently discuss how important it is to take care of oneself physically and mentally in the wake of a decision to divorce, as failure to do so can impact one’s divorce process and one’s wellbeing. Exercise is an excellent way to jumpstart your approach to a healthy life post-divorce. However, it is not the only activity you need to include in your divorce “boot camp.”

In order to see results like health, financial stability and a generally positive sense of wellbeing, it is important to take care of yourself in numerous ways. Being active and getting outdoors can do wonders for the mind and body. As can meditation and yoga. In addition, it is important to pursue healthy hobbies, maintain a support system and to process the negative emotions that your divorce has inspired in healthy ways.

When constructing your own divorce booty boot camp, consider all the ways in which the stress and strain of divorce has affected your ability to be a healthy, happy and engaged person. Work to include positive activities and behaviors in your boot camp that address each of these issues. The efforts you make now will almost certainly impact your future for the better.

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