Can technology be an asset in the divorce process?

Readers in Massachusetts may have heard about the new options that people seeking a divorce may have when it comes to working out a deal with a spouse. A number of technology-driven options are focusing on using technology to simplify the divorce process, but there are still serious questions as to whether they can be as effective or advantageous for people in both amicable and contentious divorces.

One company provides an online app to shepherd people through the divorce process, as determined by a computer simulation and projection based on information submitted by the parties at the beginning of the process. That, in itself, should raise a few red flags, since it’s unlikely that many people would be totally comfortable approaching their divorce based on what a computer thinks the parties could benefit from.

Since no two people and no two divorces are the same, it makes sense for each party to have their own legal counsel, even in rather amicable divorces. An experienced family law attorney can adapt and adjust to their clients’ needs much better than a cookie-cutter computer program.

In addition, only an attorney has the ability to navigate the procedural nuances of the family court system through the entire divorce process. Whether a client decides to attempt divorce mediation, negotiation or litigation, counsel will be able to provide support, guidance and specially-tailored advice for the best interests of the client. Technology can make our lives easier in many immeasurable ways, and while it can be useful in the divorce process, it is still a long way away from being a substitute for experienced legal counsel.

Source: “Getting Divorced? Wevorce Aims to Help Couples Navigate to a Settlement Through Tech,” Anna Smushkovich, April 3, 2013


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