Kids can feel impact of divorce long after the split

People in Massachusetts know that divorce is probably not the ideal situation for themselves or their children. But, for many families, it’s simply a fact of life and they do what they can to make the process as bearable as possible for everyone involved.

One issue that has the potential to create a serious emotional divide is the issue of child custody. Parents want what is best for their children and will fight viciously to protect them, but the problem is that parents often have different opinions of what is best for their kids.

Unfortunately, when parents fight over children, the children themselves may suffer the most. A recent study has proven this in startling fashion with the following findings: 89 percent of children of divorce said their parents’ divorce had a negative impact on their lives, and 80 percent have experienced severe sadness or depression as a result.

While these statistics paint a bleak picture, there are undoubtedly ways to help children deal with divorce and ease them into a life with parents under separate roofs. One way to do so is to ensure that each parent gets adequate parenting time or visitation rights. While this isn’t always an equal amount of time and often can’t be exactly equal as a logistical matter, it’s the quality of the time spent with each parent that is most important.

Parents who can get along during and after a divorce may find that their children are better off when not exposed to the negativity that divorce can bring. Of course every divorce is different, and may be better dealt with through litigation, mediation or a combination of both. The one thing that every divorcing parent needs is a trusted advisor and legal representative.

Source: Daily Beast, “Here’s what divorce does,” by Ilana Glazer, March 27, 2013


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