Combating your fear during a child custody dispute

We have previously written about how important it is not to let your negative emotions dictate your actions during a family law dispute. Many people allow anger, confusion and grief to compromise their cases in ways they ultimately regret. While having negative emotions is normal and arguably healthy during a family law dispute, it is important not to let them unduly influence the process.

Anger, frustration and confusion are common emotions individuals grapple with during the course of family law disputes. But what about fear? Fear is a common emotion not often discussed in this context. Family law disputes tend to be deeply personal. And perhaps no disputes are more personal than those involving minor children. If the outcome of your child custody dispute could lead you to spend less time with your child than you would like, it is completely reasonable that you would fear such an outcome.

Combating this fear so that it doesn’t lead you to unintentionally compromise your case is important. “But how?” you may ask. First, ensure that you are taking excellent care of yourself. If you are eating well, exercising, seeking support and otherwise attending to your needs in healthy and positive ways, you will be less likely to get so wrapped up in your fear that it will affect you in truly negative and lasting ways.

Second, understand that there are as many unique ways to be a good parent as there are parents. No matter what the outcome of your child custody dispute is, you can find a way to be a good parent to your child.

Source: The Huffington Post, “4 Ways to Fight Your Fears During a Custody Battle,” Jessica Woodbury, Oct. 27, 2014


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