Dealing with divorce drama at work

In our last blog post, we discussed ways that recent divorcees who return to the work world can prepare and succeed. For those individuals who already work outside of the home, it can be challenging to cope with a divorce while also attempting to fulfill the expectations of one’s role at work.

Going through a divorce can be stressful and emotionally and mentally draining, add in the pressures to perform at work and it can be enough to send anyone over the edge. It’s often a wise decision, therefore, to confide in a manager or supervisor. Everyone, regardless of how super-human they may appear to be, deals with difficulties in their personal lives and the vast majority of people will understand and be supportive if they know an employee or colleague is going through a divorce.

Being open and honest about the challenges you are experiencing in your personal life can pave the way for additional conversations about potentially taking time off of work or working different hours. Being forthright about one’s divorce can also, in some cases, result in a supervisor providing more support or leeway when and if necessary.

For one’s own mental health and benefit, practicing the art of compartmentalizing may also be beneficial and even necessary. Dwelling on every hurtful exchange or failed negotiation will only serve to slowly drive an individual who is going through a divorce insane. While it’s important to deal with divorce-related angst, anger and anxiety; it’s not healthy or productive to do so every waking moment of the day.

While it can be difficult, making a conscious effort to compartmentalize one’s life based upon duties and events related to children, work and a divorce can be surprisingly helpful. Entering in tasks associated with one’s children, work deadlines and divorce proceedings in a daily planner can help make things seem less overwhelming and increase productively. Additionally, it’s equally important to schedule in time to do nothing and just take time to be sad, angry or contemplative.

Source: The Huffington Post, “How to Keep Your Job While Going Through a Divorce,” Michela Montgomery, Dec. 30, 2015


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