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Combating Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

Facing sexual harassment in the workplace can be both demoralizing and dangerous. Even with cultural changes placing a greater emphasis on combating it, sexual harassment is still prevalent in many industries.

At Kajko, Weisman & Colasanti, LLP, we understand these difficulties. Our attorneys have years of experience providing counsel and advocacy to those across Massachusetts and New Hampshire who have experienced the trauma of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Helping You Deal With The Stress And Fear

Employees who have dealt with sexual harassment are often unsure of how to proceed. Many are worried about losing their jobs or facing retaliation for speaking up. This allows those who perpetuate the harassment to keep operating freely.

Typically, such harassment can fall into one of the two categories given below:

  • Hostile work environment: When co-workers harass or speak out in derogatory ways against another co-worker, an unsafe or uncomfortable environment may be created.
  • Quid pro quo: From the Latin “this for that,” quid pro quo refers to situations in which employees are expected to engage in sexual or physical acts to receive promotions, keep their jobs or avoid reprimands.

These situations are textbook examples of sexual harassment in the workplace, though it can take several forms.

Why Acting Quickly Is Important

Handling these matters quickly is of utmost importance. Contacting us early will allow us to make sure you are also complying with internal requirements. Many companies have an internal process that must be followed when dealing with sexual harassment and other employment matters.

We can review the circumstances of your situation as well as any internal employee handbooks and policies, so that you’re placed in a position to succeed.

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