Former gubernatorial candidate could face difficult divorce

Boston residents likely remember Christy Mihos, who twice made unsuccessful attempts to become governor of Massachusetts in 2006 and 2010. Mihos and his wife are currently in the process of obtaining a divorce, which could be a highly-charged process given some details that have come out recently about the couple.

First, Mrs. Mihos has claimed that her husband spent $25 million of the couple’s finances on travel to other states, where he would allegedly engage the services of prostitutes. Mr. Mihos’s attorney has responded to the allegations, asserting that they are completely untrue. The lawyer also stated that Mrs. Mihos has been overseeing the couple’s finances for a number of years.

But stories of financial excess are not the only issue the pair will have to confront as they move through the divorce process. Mrs. Mihos has accused her husband of domestic violence in an incident that purportedly occurred last July. According to the allegations, Mihos pushed his wife while they were at their home in Yarmouth.

Divorce can be an emotional and stressful time for almost everyone involved. Unfortunately, sometimes this stress gets translated into illegal acts of physical violence. Spouses who feel threatened by or unsafe around their partner may be able to obtain some peace of mind through a restraining order.

Part of the divorce process, for wealthy couples and partners of moderate means alike, involves cataloguing assets and engaging in the process of property division. When one party accuses the other of squandering assets, this can have a significant effect on a final property settlement.

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Source: Greek Reporter, “‘You Spent $25 million on Prostitutes,’ says Wife of Christy Mihos,” Marianna Tsatsou, July 11, 2012.


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