How do I seek alimony in Massachusetts?

For couples who have made the decision to part ways, various legal hurdles may arise, such as child support. However, alimony can be especially challenging, particularly for those who are worried about the financial impact of divorce. In Boston, and cities all over Massachusetts, you should recognize which steps will need to be taken if you are interested in obtaining alimony.

Whether you are approaching the divorce process or have already split up with your spouse, you may have all sorts of questions regarding alimony. In order to make sure that you receive the amount of alimony you are entitled to, it is crucial to handle these matters appropriately and understand what is required of you. According to the Massachusetts Judicial Branch, you can ask for alimony when filing for divorce by signing a separation agreement with your spouse or by requesting alimony in your divorce complaint. You are also able to ask for alimony after you have divorced by filing a Complaint for Alimony form.

When a judge decides how much alimony to award you, there are a multitude of factors that they will examine. For example, your health, age and the length of your marriage will be taken into consideration. Moreover, your income and employment prospects will be taken into account as well. Depending on the details of your situation, you may also need to make changes to your alimony also.

It is important to remember that this post is not legal advice and was put together to provide information on seeking alimony.



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