What happens if my spouse files for divorce overseas?

If you are preparing to divorce your spouse, all sorts of issues may lie ahead, such as determining how much child support you will be required to pay or eligible to receive and whether a parent will be granted custody of your child. However, there are many other divorce matters that could affect you, such as splitting up with your spouse while they are living in another country. Whether you reside in Boston, or any other Massachusetts city, it is crucial to approach these circumstances correctly.

Typically, divorces obtained in foreign countries are recognized in U.S. states, according to the U.S. Passports and International Travel’s website. Since marriages and divorces are typically handled at the state level, the agency recommends that you reach out to the attorney general in your state. If you or your partner file for divorce while overseas, your divorce will likely be recognized so long as you and your spouse each had a chance to be heard at the proceeding and you were both notified of the divorce beforehand.

There are a number of reasons why American marriages are ended in a foreign country. For example, you or your spouse may be working abroad or you have moved to another country and wish to split up with your spouse. Regardless of the individual features of your situation, approaching the divorce process properly is particularly critical under these conditions.

Please bear in mind that this post was composed for general informational purposes and does not amount to legal counsel.



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