How do parents’ divorces impact their kids’ academics?

A factor that often keeps parents in a marriage longer than they should have remained in it is the fear of how their marriage might adversely impact their child’s wellbeing.

The impact that divorce can have on a child’s mental health has been widely reported. While some of that insight has addressed behavioral health issues that often arise, few studies have focused on overall academic prospects. A University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) study in 2019 addressed those concerns.

Socio-economics play a role

The researchers discovered socio-economic status plays a significant role in determining the impact parents’ divorces may have on kids’ academic prospects.

They noted that children from wealthier families tended to have the most difficulty academically following their parents’ divorce. This may sound counterintuitive, but it’s not.

The researchers pointed out that kids from lower socio-economic statuses are generally used to disruptions in their home life, whereas children belonging to higher-income families are not. The researchers attributed kids’ academic declines to challenges adjusting. In essence, kids in lower-economic households simply handled the changes in their lives better because they’d already developed some resiliency.

How you can help your child

Your parenting plan can have a significant impact on your children. You can write stability into the agreement by trying to work together as good co-parents, even if you can’t be good spouses for each other.

The best way to minimize your divorce’s impact on your children is to keep conflict to a minimum and always focus on their best interests when making decisions. You should provide your child with ample support to voice and address any concerns that may be bothering them as well. Modifying your parent plan may be necessary.



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