How do you deal with unique items in a divorce?

Nobody expects divorce to be easy, but some of the complications Massachusetts couples have when they decide to formally end their marriages would probably surprise you. Many of the things you simply shared during your partnership would likely take on a whole new aspect after you decided to split up.

Artwork is one of the more complex assets you would be likely to divide. Regardless of how much your total marital property was worth or the cash value of the art objects themselves, there would probably be an in-depth discussion if not an argument on the subject.

As discussed on The Motley Fool, of the things you would want to keep in mind while dividing complex assets, such as artworks or businesses, is the idea of relative worth. If a particular piece of art were worth a great deal to you and not much to your partner, you would probably want to make sure that it fell into your portion of the total property.

If you are a high net worth individual, your art collection is probably an integral part of your wealth management strategy. You would want to commit fully to the discovery process. This could ensure that you would be able to maintain a portfolio that would behave in a similar way in the future — even if you did not secure the exact items you wanted.

In almost every case, it would be much easier to make sure your holdings remain in line with your long-term goals. That is often easier than reworking your strategy entirely around the absence of a piece of art.

Just as masterpiece artworks are unique, every divorce is also different. Therefore, please read this only as general information. It is not intended as legal advice.



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