What exactly is civil litigation?

Legal words and terms are often thrown around when people are discussing a dispute or court case, but just as often, the average person does not have a full understanding of legal definitions and the different types of dispute resolution methods, including litigation and alternative dispute resolution. If you are like many other Massachusetts residents, you might also wonder what entails a civil case.

The answer may be simple, but the details surrounding a civil case can be complex. As FindLaw explains, civil litigation pertains to business disputes or disputes that affect a personal relationship. The following examples can help you understand the issues that would go to civil court:

  • A divorce, alimony or child custody case
  • A non-compete dispute, discrimination case or other employment matter
  • A lawsuit between two companies
  • A breach of contract

As you can see, the areas civil litigation covers are broadly defined. Just about any type of dispute that arises within your business is likely to be a civil matter. On the other hand, cases that involve a crime fall under the criminal law category. You might, however, take a matter pertaining to a crime to civil court. For example, an accountant who embezzled funds from your company would be prosecuted in criminal court. You might later decide to file a civil lawsuit against the accountant and his suspected associates to recover damages related to the embezzlement.

It goes without saying that the nuances of civil litigation can be complicated and would necessitate experienced counsel, especially when it pertains to your business. Therefore, the information in this blog is not meant to replace the advice of a lawyer.



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