Is your family law attorney taking advantage of you? – Part II

In our last post, we began a discussion about a specific kind of attorney misconduct. We observed that attorneys do not often consciously take advantage of their clients. Not only do attorneys have a legal obligation to avoid numerous kinds of misconduct, it is simply unethical to take advantage of one’s clients. Nevertheless, some attorneys do unconsciously take advantage of their clients. It is therefore important for individuals in need of an attorney’s aid to recognize the signs of unintentional manipulation.

In addition to overconfidence unsupported by facts and promises of a specific outcome, there are numerous other red flags that individuals should be aware of when they are dealing with prospective attorneys. If these red flags pop up, it is almost always okay to take your business elsewhere.

One possible red flag involves your attorney allowing you to speak at length without reminding you that your communication is being billed by the hour. Certainly, you may need to explain certain issues, express concerns and even vent from time to time. But if your attorney allows you to gobble up his or her time for reasons that are not pressing, he or she is likely not watching out for your wallet’s interests.

Additionally, if your attorney is hiring experts that your case doesn’t require, is passing elements of your case off to more expensive attorneys in his or her office when these elements do not require a more experienced hand or is otherwise being cavalier with your billable hours, please consider hiring an attorney who will not be so careless with your hard-earned money.

Source: The Huffington Post, “6 Ways Your Divorce Lawyer Is Screwing You,” Elura Nanos, June 8, 2015


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