Is your spouse hiding assets in the virtual world?

How much do you know about the ins and outs of cryptocurrencies? What about non-fungible tokens (NFTs)?

You would not be alone in struggling to grasp the consequences of these virtual assets. That’s why you might need to learn fast if you are divorcing and believe your spouse does understand them.

Many more people have found turning to the virtual world a far more secure way to hide assets during a divorce than doing so in the physical one.

It’s not just that they’re confusing

Virtual assets are also incredibly secure and opaque. The lack of transparency is a design feature to keep them away from the eyes of governments who want to tax or regulate them. It serves equally well to keep them out of the grasp of spouses who would be due a share in a divorce. You cannot lay claim to something you don’t know about.

Tracking down virtual assets will require experienced legal help. Getting access to them will likely require a court order because the passwords that protect them are secure. Even if the court does order your spouse to share them, they might not be able to force them to do so because your spouse alone may hold the key. There are, however, other ways for a court to even things up, such as awarding you a larger share of more tangible assets.

Trusting your spouse to play fair in a divorce would cost you dearly. Get guidance to examine your situation and advocate for the full property division settlement you deserve.


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