Politician’s sext could hurt him in family court

No parent is perfect. We all make mistakes, and there isn’t just one way to raise a child. However, there are some mistakes that all parents should avoid, as they could call into question someone’s parenting skills and put a child’s welfare in jeopardy.

For instance, recently, politician Anthony Weiner made a mistake that not only prompted his wife to announce their separation, but also has people questioning his role as a father. Should the couple file for divorce, it is possible the latest incident could affect custody plans for their son.

Readers may have heard of Weiner after the politician was caught sending lewd pictures of himself to women. He resigned from Congress, but his wife stood by him. However, according to reports, Weiner was recently caught in another “sexting” scandal after he exchanged illicit photos of himself with a woman who was not his wife and now he and his wife are now separated.

While he has engaged in this behavior before, the difference in this case is that his 4-year-old son was in the background of the photos.

In light of this, questions about Weiner’s role as a caregiver have been raised. Some have even suggested that his rights as a parent should be scrutinized when and if the discussion of child custody ever comes up. After all, exposing a child to sexually explicit activity or neglecting a child in favor of engaging in an extramarital affair are decisions that could put the child’s welfare in danger.

When a parent does things that jeopardize a child’s best interests and/or safety, that parent can wind up losing parental rights, including custody. Neglect, abuse and engaging in dangerous behaviors are among the reasons why a parent’s capabilities and judgment could be investigated.

If you have questions or concerns about parental rights in light of allegations that a child’s welfare may be in danger, it can be critical that you consult an attorney as soon as possible.



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