Safety tips if you see a dangerous dog

There are times when you’re out for a walk with your own dog or maybe going for a jog to get some exercise at the end of the day when you see a dog that looks aggressive. You instantly know that it’s dangerous. Maybe you can see that it’s not on a leash or that it’s coming toward you.

In a situation like this, you need to know exactly how to react. Doing the wrong thing can make the situation worse, and failing to act could mean you suffer a serious dog bite. So what should you do?

Don’t turn your back on the dog

First of all, try to fight any temptation to yell or to turn around and run away. You don’t want to turn your back on the dog because it may approach, and you don’t want to run because it will probably chase you. Plus, dogs are so fast that they can catch you if you run anyway, so running away doesn’t actually help you.

Slowly back away from the encounter

Make sure that you don’t make eye contact and start slowly backing away from the dog. There are many situations in which the dog reacts territorially, so showing that you’re willing to back off will often reduce the aggression. Show the dog you’re not invading its space.

Distract the dog

If the dog does lunge and tries to bite you, attempt to give it something else that you have, such as a coat or a bag. If the dog takes the item, you may be able to avoid the bite and use the time to remove yourself from the attack.

Of course, simply knowing how to react doesn’t guarantee you won’t be injured. If you are, make sure you know how to seek compensation from the dog’s owner.



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