Should I divorce if I have a high net worth?

Having a high net worth definitely comes with its advantages. You’ll have more opportunities to live a fulfilled life, both when it comes to business and pleasure. The more assets you have, the more investment options and choices will present themselves to you. That said, it’s likely that your high net worth didn’t come to you easily. You’ve probably had to work hard all of your life to get to where you are today, and you won’t want to lose all of that due to a bad decision or two.

That’s why those with a high net worth invest time and money into making sure that their assets are protected. If you want to make sure that you protect your wealth but you feel trapped in an unhappy marriage, you may feel conflicted as to whether filing for divorce is the right decision. The following are some things you can do to protect your wealth when filing for divorce.

Put a post-nuptial agreement in place

Your spouse may not want to go through the stress of divorce litigation. Therefore, if you are both able to be mature and amicable with each other, you may be able to successfully negotiate a post-nuptial agreement. Like a pre-nuptial agreement, a post-nuptial agreement sets out terms for how assets and other issues would be settled in the event of a divorce. By putting this in place before filing, you’ll likely be able to reach a mutually beneficial solution with minimal stress.

Consider the best interests of your children

You can’t put a price on the well-being of your children. That’s why it’s important to consider their needs and interests at all times. Likely, they will benefit from both their parents going through a non-confrontational divorce. Therefore, if you try to approach divorce without aggressiveness or assertiveness, it’s possible that everyone will win.

If you are unhappy in your marriage but you’re worried about going through a high-asset divorce, make sure that you understand your legal options.


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