Unique divorce challenges facing military families

Family law cases can be complex for an assortment of reasons, but they can be even more complicated for certain people. For example, those who are in the military or have a spouse who is serving may face additional challenges as they try to navigate through the divorce process. Our law firm is sensitive to these difficulties and we understand the stress you may be trying to work through if you are in this position yourself.

There are many ways that military divorces can be trickier. On the one hand, couples may be unsure of which state to file for a divorce in if one spouse is stationed in another state. Moreover, couples with children may have even more confusion and emotional hardships when dealing with divorce if they have children. As if matters such as custody and child support are not hard enough, they can be even more difficult for couples to work through when one spouse is serving.

On top of these unique challenges, people in the military may already be facing issues related to their service, such as missing their children while they are deployed or trying to recover from injuries that were sustained in war. Although these difficulties can make some people feel like giving up, it is vital to stay focused if you are facing any of these hurdles.

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