What should you do with marriage mementos after a divorce?

After a divorce in Massachusetts, you may feel like everything is done and finished, but there are loose ends to tie up. One thing you may need to deal with are mementos from your wedding. In a high asset divorce situation, you may have handled some of the more expensive items, such as the rings and major wedding gifts, but there are still the sentimental things you have to deal with. Should you throw them out?

According to the Huffington Post, it is a good idea to not be to too quick to trash everything and to avoid acting out in the residual anger from the divorce when making decisions. If you have children, you may want to save the things. Just because the marriage didn’t work for you, it is still an important moment of their lives. They may want some of the items, such as your wedding dress and shoes.

You may also want to keep some items. The wedding album may have pictures of people you cherish. Your marriage license may be needed as documentation in the future. You may want to save little things, such as table decorations or an invitation, just for sentimental reasons.

Make sure you think through what you will do before you do it. Tossing something means you cannot get it back. It might be best to wait a while before tackling the wedding mementos so you do not make a decision you will regret later. This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.




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