What are some reasons why couples are granted fault divorces?

With regard to high asset divorces, there are countless reasons why couples decide to split up. In Boston, and in other Massachusetts cities, some high asset couples go through a no-fault divorce, while others involve one party claiming the other was at fault. Whether you are worried about your reputation or wish to move forward with a fault divorce, it may be helpful to go over some examples of fault.

According to the Massachusetts Court System, there are a number of reasons why couples are granted a fault divorce. For example, fault divorces are possible because of abuse and cruel treatment, a spouse’s failure to pay support that he or she owes, persistent intoxication, deserting a spouse, and having sexual relations with another person. Furthermore, there are other reasons why these divorces are granted, which many people may not realize. For example, a fault divorce can be granted because a spouse has been sent to prison for a period of time greater than five years or because of a partner’s impotency.

If you have a high net worth, you may be going through various issues related to divorce. For example, you may be facing false allegations that you are at fault and you could be worried about how this will impact your reputation or ability to spend time with your children. Regardless of the issues you are working through, knowing your rights is crucial.

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