What are some examples of domestic violence?

Married couples decide to split up with each other for an array of reasons, from relocation to one party having an affair. In Boston, and cities all throughout Massachusetts, filing for divorce and splitting up with a spouse can be very difficult. However, some people end their marriage due to domestic violence and the process of divorce can be especially challenging for people who have found themselves in this position. If you think that you may be a victim of domestic violence, or believe you have been wrongly accused of this offense, it may be helpful to review some examples of domestic violence.

According to the United States Department of Justice, domestic violence takes many forms. For example, abuse may be emotional, such as constant name-calling and relentless criticism. Or, abuse may be psychological, such as making threats to hurt someone in the family. Sometimes, domestic violence is sexual, such as instances of marital rape, or physical, such as punching, biting, shoving, and other behaviors that cause physical harm. In fact, domestic violence may also be economic, such as preventing someone from working or taking their money.

If you believe that your child has experienced or may be subjected to domestic violence, it is vital to take action at once. If you are a victim, you should also take steps to put an end to abuse. Sadly, domestic violence is far too common and many victims stay silent.

Please realize that this post was written to offer general information and is no substitute for legal help.



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