Can visitation be adjusted for extracurricular activities?

It can be very difficult to manage the children’s schedules when you are divorced and trying to maintain visitation in Massachusetts. Things can get even trickier once extracurricular activities come into play. Dealing with busy schedules can affect your normal visitation, but to ensure your children can participate in the activities they enjoy, you must find a way to manage.

Divorce Magazine notes that you need to tackle your children’s schedules and visitation together as a team with the children’s other parent. As you have probably heard, it is important to allow children to follow their normal schedules following a divorce. However, having two households makes things harder, especially if your children are involved in multiple activities.

Your best option is to sit down and work out a schedule that works for each activity season. For example, if your child plays football, then you will know when the games are and can adjust visitation around the games and practices.

If your children are involved in many activities, it may be best to try to trim down the number. You and your children’s other parent should talk with each child about what activities he or she really wants to do. Narrowing down the number can make it much easier to manage the schedule.

Once you have created a schedule, make sure you stay in communication with the other parent. The last thing you want is for a child to not be picked up after an event because someone read the schedule wrong. This information is intended for education and is not legal advice.



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