Child support and various college issues

On this blog, many child support matters have been looked over, such as the penalties for falling behind and ways to make payments more manageable. However, there are other topics that may be especially relevant to you, depending on the details of your life or your child’s life. For example, college could have an impact on your child support payments in various ways. It is essential to look at your situation from an individualized standpoint and at Kajko, Weisman & Colasanti, our law office knows how critical it is for you to focus on any unique aspects of your case.

For many people who pay child support, college is of particular concern. They may wonder if they will be required to continue paying child support if their child is enrolled in college, and how their child’s decision to pursue a higher education could affect their requirements. In addition, non-custodial parents may want to help pay for some or all of their child’s college tuition or help with other expenses, such as food, textbooks, or living costs. Furthermore, a parent may decide to return to college, which can place financial strain on their budget. Covering tuition and buying textbooks for their classes could lead to financial problems.

If you are struggling with child support due to college, or have any uncertainty about how college could affect the child support you owe, it is pivotal to look for answers directly relevant to your situation. On our child support page, you can read more on child support payments.



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