Massachusetts divorce proposal addresses bedroom activity

A legislative proposal in Massachusetts is creating buzz throughout the state and beyond. It is related to divorce and the private lives of parties going through the divorce process. Critics of the proposal argue that, if passed, the law would violate people’s privacy.

It doesn’t get more private than a person’s sex life, and that is exactly what Bill 787 addresses. The legislation would prohibit a divorcing party who lives in the family home from engaging in a sexual relationship within the home until the Massachusetts divorce is final.

So far, details behind the purpose of the proposed relationship limitation are not thoroughly explained. What could be some of the reasons why having a sexual relationship in the family home could complicate the divorce process or family?

The family home is a common point of disputes in property division matters. Parties might want to put limits on actions that take place within a property that already has created great stress between them during the divorce.

To foster stability for kids during the divorce process, it is likely that the kids are living in the family home at that time. Protecting kids from the instability of new romantic partners entering the home is a probable reason for this bill.

Still, even if the best interests of the children are at the center of the Massachusetts family law matter, should laws govern adults’ romantic lives? What do you think?

Divorce terms vary from case to case. Matters involving the family home are not uncommon, though they tend to revolve around ownership or property value. A family law attorney can discuss a family’s options regarding the family home and any other sensitive matters.

Source:, “Bill would forbid divorcing parents in Massachusetts from having sex in home,” Jack Pickell, March 23, 2014


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