Unique Massachusetts divorce bill about domestic violence

In our past post we shared some limited information about a noteworthy divorce law proposal in the state. A Republican lawmaker in Massachusetts presented the bill, but did so on behalf of a constituent. That constituent wrote the bill that has people not only her but across the country talking.

The Wrentham resident’s written proposal seeks to set rules about sexual relationships during a local divorce process. This family law bill has ignited controversy because some think it is unethical for the government to try to regulate what goes on between consenting adults in their homes. According to the bill’s at least one supporter, the legislation is about safety not sex.

A Turn to 10 news interview with the writer of the Massachusetts bill uncovered some information that was lacking from past coverage about this story. The writer of the bill laughs at the idea that the bill is all about sexual morality. He is for limiting divorcing parties from having sex or romantic relationships in the family home because he believes that behavior can lead to domestic violence.

While the bill’s creator clearly takes this family law and safety matter seriously, the lawmaker who presented the proposal on behalf of his constituent suggests that most others will not. He presented the divorce proposal because it is his job to represent the rights of his constituents.

If the lawmaker is right, then those getting a divorce in Massachusetts won’t have to add “avoid romance in the family home” to their list of concerns when going through an already confusing and stressful legal process.

Source: Turn to 10, “Writer of divorce bill says it would prevent domestic violence,” Cierra Putnam, March 25, 2014


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